Our Services

Static Guards

With years of combined security management experience, our industry leading team has qualifications in all phases of security implementation. We offer a diverse array of services to our clients.

These include:

  • Security Guard Services
  • Campus Grounds Security
  • Special Event Security
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Security
  • Investigative Services
  • Residential Building Security
  • Retail Security
  • Medical & Office Building Security
  • Government Services
  • Mobile Security Patrol (MSP)

    MSP is a periodic patrolling service includes visits to clients’ outlet to perform inspection at the premises.

    It provides significant security assistance by providing immediate response during emergency events.

    The patrolling activities can be monitored at the Central Monitoring Station using reliable equipment and facilities such as GPS and Real Time Patrolling Guard Tour Data.

    Surveillance Services

    Security guards provide a valuable service, but unless you plan to hire enough guards to monitor all areas of your business 24/7, you'll need another security option to fill in at times — an even better idea when that solution can also provide significant savings for your business. A surveillance camera never needs to take a break, so you get true continuous surveillance for your money.

    Whether you choose to completely replace guards with a remote guard solution or supplement your current security forces, a virtual guard solution is about one quarter the price of traditional guard services and gives you:

  • Continuous, 24/7 surveillance options
  • Live monitoring by trained experts
  • Alerts sent in real-time as activity is detected
  • Stored video files for review
  • Wider, longer field of view
  • Security Advisory Service & Investigation

    Some people know it as a security survey or risk assessment. Whether you call it a security survey, risk assessment, or security assessment, it is basically the same.

    It is a systematic on-site assessment and analysis of your current security measures, whether they are physical security measures, technology, management, policies, training or any other aspect of your security program or measures.

    A Security Risk Assessment or Security Survey Entails Corporate Security Solutions works with clients to identify their needs and tailor the assessment to work towards a common goal as established in writing.

    Our security risk assessments are tailored to our client’s unique needs and can include a review of the following and any site specific security concerns:

    Armed Security
    Bullying Prevention
    Card Access System
    Cash Handling Security
    Crime Prevention Environmental Design
    Crime Statistics For The Area
    Domestic Violence Prevention
    Door Locks And Hardware
    Exterior Landscaping
    Exterior Lighting
    Workplace Violence Prevention
    Security Staff Competency
    Inventory Security Measures
    Previous Security Assessments
    Loss Prevention
    Lost and Found
    Parking Security
    Key Control Program
    Proper Signage
    Security Alarms
    Security Awareness
    Security Cameras
    Security Department Job Descriptions
    Security Equipment & Uniforms
    Security Management
    Security Operations
    Internal Incident Reports
    Security Orientation
    Security Policies
    Security Post Orders
    Security Records
    Security Sensitive Areas
    Perimeter Security
    Security Staffing Levels
    Security Surveillance
    Security Training
    Threat Assessment
    VIP Security Planning
    Visitor Control
    Security Technology Assessment

    Training & Development in Security Management

    Provides a range of security training Malaysia and safety training targeting various levels within the organization. From senior to middle management, full time professionals to security coordinators and general employee to contractors, visitors and travelers.

    Corporate security solutions trainings can be the typical classroom training or table top exercise, to e-tools such as video inductions, online desktop training to smartphones tools which ever suits your business. We take pride in raising the training effectiveness by utilizing latest tools, new approach, interactive engagement and experiential learning to get the message across.

    Corporate Security solutions are registered as competent trainer under the Human Resources Development Fund and Board Certified in Security Management as Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by ASIS International, acknowledged as the security profession’s highest recognition.

    Our training ranges from crisis management to kidnap and survival, building evacuation and emergency response, traveler and expatriate protection, professional security management to coordinator training and employees’ visitors and contractors from induction to awareness.

    Supporting Services

    Risk Assessment

    Sentinel will conduct a professional risk assessment visit and generate an in-depth report for our client to be notified of any safety/security risk. A setlist of tailored “SOP” can be drafted based on this report to mitigate the risk.

    Patrol Car Unit

    Sentinel also has two (2) patrol car unit. This patrol unit will make regular patrols to all over assignments. If at any time, there is an emergency, the Patrol Car will be immediately dispatched to the place.

    Guards Amenities

    The security officer will be equipped with security batons, search torch lights, security raincoats and other relevant items. In addition we also provide motorcycles and bicycles for patrolling at the relevant sites.