Services We Offer

Sentinel Security Services Sdn. Bhd. provides a spectrum of security services ranging from the deployment of Static Guards/Guardettes, Guard Dogs, Mobile Patrols, Surveillance, Security Advisory Services and Private Investigation. We guard various industries and locations such as Telecommunications, Logistics, Broadcast Centres, Warehouses, Factories, Office Buildings, Residential Areas, Condominiums, Ad-Hoc Services, Remote Areas(Base Transcending Stations/Satellite Stations) and MNCs/SME.

Static Guards/Guardettes

Guard Dogs


Supporting Services

Trunked Radio System

Sentinel has installed the above communication system which connects all the premises under our protection with the Radio Control Center at our headquarters on a 24 hour basis.

Patrol Car Unit

Sentinel also has a patrol car unit. This patrol unit will make regular patrols to all over assignments. If at any time, there is an emergency, the Patrol Car will be immediately dispatched to the place.

Guards Amenities

The security officer will be equipped with security batons, search torch lights, security raincoats and other relevant items. In addition we also provide motorcycles and bicycles for patrolling at the relevant sites.

Ability to Handle the Assignment

We have adequate resources to manage all of our assignments. We have 200 security guards on our payroll and four (4) vehicles to transport workers to and from assignments as well as 4-wheel drive vehicles for patrolling duties to high terrain and remote areas. In addition to that, we have three (3) hostels for our guards. Our headquarters occupies the 2 lot at first floor of a 5-storey building. Our "Menara Kawalan" is at the front office where our trunked – radio system is installed.

We are also proud to inform that, most of our guards have been with us for a long time. The reasons being the fact that Sentinel always give priority and importance to its staffs welfare. We offer competitive wages and have always been prompt in settling the dues of our workers with regards to their wages, EPF, SOCSO, P.A and so on.

We will be able to take over the operation of an assignment with 30 days notice. Our Senior Management Officials will be constantly inspecting and monitoring the performance of our officials at the various assignments. Operation meetings are held daily to discuss matter arising in the assignments. Prompt response will be provided by the senior management to any matters raised by the clients.